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Rating & Scoring

Efficiency in risk assessment

  • Scorecard and process modification in the bank’s hand
  • Basel indicators and risk based pricing
  • Pre-scoring and full loan origination process
  • Faster time-to-money

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Complex collateral structures

  • Flexible handling and Basel compliance of collaterals
  • Multiple coverage allocation types, modeling 
  • Automatic revaluation and warnings
  • Visual design and support for a great user experience

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Early Warning

and Monitoring

Mitigate risk by watchlisting exposures

  • Complete life-cycle of problematic customer/loan handling
  • Individually defined, extendable warning signal set
  • Covering customers and customer groups in all segments 
  • Handling regular monitoring periods

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Debt Collection

Full collection lifecycle

  • Focus on rescheduling and customer retention
  • Covering Soft and Hard collection, 
    Legal procedure and the Sale of assets
  • Collection scorecards to optimize your process
  • Workflow and rule engine for decision support

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Cash Optimization

Full scale cash management

  • Significant cost savings
  • Reliable supply across all cash points
  • Accurate predictions thanks to self-learning BI algorithms
  • Handling of all internal and external cash demands

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Trade Finance

Smooth documentary transactions

  • Covering the full lifecycle of Letters of Credit,
    Documentary Collections, Guarantees and Bills of Exchange
  • Comprehensive SWIFT message handling
  • Event, document and fee management
  • Extensive data validation options to mitigate operational risk

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News and events


2014. July 14.

    ApPello has recently donated computers and monitors to Pető Institute.

Excellent review - WebDP

2014. May 16.

    Unicorn Systems, which is one of the biggest software development companies in the Czech Republic, compared ApPello's new platform.

Collateral Conference, Vienna

2014. May 15.

    There are only seven days left until ApPello introduces its new Collateral system at the 3rd Annual  Collateral Conference in Vienna!



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